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Genocide in Canada

Welcome to the Genocide in Canada blog site, which will circulate information, analysis and current events regarding the struggle to bring to justice the perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity in Canada.
Please refer to this website for more general information:
This site is hosted by The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, a grassroots public group formed in September of 2000 in Vancouver, Canada.

The first issue we wish to address on this site is the fate of more than 50,000 aboriginal children who died or were killed in Indian residential schools across Canada run by the Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches.

We demand of these churches to answer these simple question:s Where are the remains of these children, how did they die, who killed them, and why has their fate been deliberately concealed for decades?


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It also needs to be mentioned that, as of October 15, 2005, a national boycott of the Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches was declared by aboriginal groups in Manitoba and Ontario, in conjunction with the Truth Commission. People are urged to refrain from attending these churches, renting space from them, or paying them any kind of money or renumeration, and to call for the revoking of their charitable tax status by Revenue Canada.

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Some Questions to the Moderator and the General
Council of The United Church of Canada:

1. How many aboriginal children died in United Church
residential schools and hospitals, and from what

2. Where are the remains of these children buried?

3. How many aboriginal women and men were sexually
sterilized at United Church hospitals, especially the
R.W. Large Memorial Hospital in Bella Bella, BC, the
Charles Camsell Hospital in Edmonton, and the Nanaimo
Indian Hospital?

4. Why did the United Church provide aboriginal
children from its residential schools as live test
subjects in post-war drug-testing, radiation
experiments and mind control programs, including in
the CIA-operated Project Paperclip?

5. What are the names of the United Church officials
who approved these sterilizations and experiments on
native peoples, and under what authority?

6. What records of these sterilizations and
experiments are held by the United Church?

7. Why, since at least 1960, has the United Church
engaged in a joint cover-up with the government of
Canada of these, and other crimes, committed in its
residential schools?
(The Province, October 27, 1998)

8. What information does the church have about a
native pedophile ring, associated with The Vancouver
Club, which involves United Church clergy and lawyers,
judges, and church-affiliated native leaders?

9. Why has the United Church profited in stolen native
land by illegally selling Lot 363 of the Ahousat
reserve on Vancouver Island to white businessmen
connected to the church's financial benefactor,
MacMillan-Bloedel / Weyerhauser?

10. What is the historical and financial relationship
between MacMillan-Bloedel and the United Church?

11. Why were the two public critics of this land deal
between the United Church and MacMillan-Bloedel, Chief
Earl George of the Ahousat Nation and Reverend Kevin
Annett, both driven from the United Church in the same
period that the land was finally acquired by the
company, in the new year of 1995?

12. Why were the expulsions of Chief George and Rev.
Annett never voted on, debated or authorized by any
delegated body of the United Church?

13. How much money was paid by the United Church to
the lawyers who acted against Rev. Annett and Chief
George: Jon Jessiman and Iain Benson? What is the
total legal bill of the church since 1990?

14. Why did church officials Brian Thorpe and John
Siebert secretly pay $14,000 to the Ahousat band
council during 1994 and 1995 to exclude Chief George
from talks concerning the secret theft of Lot 363?

15. Why has the United Church continually broken the
law by violating the terms of its charitable status
under The Income Tax Act, by channeling considerable
revenue towards non-charitable purposes, such as legal
fees, public relations expenses, and corporate

16. Why has the United Church refused to accept its
share of responsibility for the deaths of more than
50,000 native children in church-run residential
schools across Canada, when its school Principals were
the legal guardians of these children?

17. Why did seventeen United Church officers,
including Moderator Bill Phipps, Brian Thorpe and
others, ignore a Diplomatic Summons issued by a United
Nations-affiliated Tribunal in June, 1998, and refuse
to attend that Tribunal or answer the charges of
complicity in genocide brought against them?

18. Now that the United Church of Canada and its
officers have been found guilty in absentia of
committing and concealing genocide against aboriginal
peoples under the United Nation's 1948 Convention on
Genocide, which Canada ratified in 1952, what steps
are being taken by the church to comply with
international law, and surrender all guilty persons
and evidence to the judgement of the International
Criminal Court?

Sources: The Canadian Press, the Archives of the
Department of Indian Affairs (RG 10 series) and
Justice Department, the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council,
and the sworn testimonies of 158 aboriginal survivors
of church-run residential schools in Canada.

NOTE: Readers are warned that, under International Law
and the Nuremburg Precedents of 1950, anyone who
associates with, assists, or financially aids
institutions which are implicated in Genocide, like
the United Church of Canada, are considered
accomplices in Crimes against Humanity, and are
subject to international judgement.

The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada
1-888-265-1007 (Canada)

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For Immediate Release and Distribution – 26 November 2005

Money Cannot Wipe Away the Crimes of Centuries: Statement from the Elders of The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada regarding the Recent Government “Compensation” Plan to Residential School Survivors
In a cynical pre-election ploy, the governing Liberal party of Canada and its puppet aboriginal chiefs of the state-funded “Assembly of First Nations” are attempting to silence the survivors of the genocidal residential schools with a paltry bribe of $10,000 per victim accompanied by a silencing "gag order".

In a shocking attempt to conceal the Crimes Against Humanity committed in residential schools, and to protect pedophiles and murderers, this bribe and legal gagging is being presented as a final “resolution” of the claims of residential school survivors, as if such unspeakable crimes as mass sterilizations, gang rape, ritualistic torture and murder are resolvable by or reducible to an issue of money.

In response to this outrage, we, the Elders of The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, make the following public statement regarding this recent “compensation package” announced by the Government of Canada:

1. The issuing of money by the Government of Canada or by the Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches of Canada to residential school victims for their physical and sexual "abuses" in no way resolves, addresses, or compensates these aboriginal survivors and their people for, the crimes of Genocide committed against them by the same Government and Churches of Canada, and documented in detail by our Commission and its predecessors since 1995. These crimes remain unresolved, and the same Churches and Government, and their officers, continue to remain fully liable and accountable for them.

2. In attempting to ignore their responsibility for the deaths of more than 50,000 Indian children in their residential schools, and by depicting the sole issue facing residential school victims as being one of personal compensation for physical and sexual “abuses”, the same Churches and Government are committing a massive crime of fraud and conspiracy on the aboriginal and non-aboriginal people of Canada, and are guilty of concealing a centuries-old Crime Against Humanity.

3. The so-called Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is aiding and abetting this criminal fraud and conspiracy on behalf of its paymasters, the Government and Churches of Canada, and consequently is a partner in the ongoing extermination of the aboriginal people they claim to represent. Accordingly, the AFN has betrayed not only residential school survivors but all aboriginal people, and does not represent or speak for our interests, having no legitimacy or official standing in our eyes.

4. Considering these facts, and the refusal of the Canadian judiciary to allow the truth and evidence of Genocide by church and state to be addressed in courts anywhere in Canada, we call upon all aboriginal people to do the following:

a) Refuse to accept any and all payments from the above Churches and Government of Canada for harm suffered at residential schools,

b) Refuse to abide by or cooperate with decisions or actions taken by the so-called Assembly of First Nations and by any other state-funded native bodies,

c) Join our campaign to publicly ban and boycott the same Churches and Government until they fully disclose the cause of death and buried location of the thousands of children who died or were killed in church-run residential schools and hospitals across Canada, and

d) Work with us to establish an International War Crimes Tribunal, with the help of the United Nations and other groups, at which the above named Churches and Government and their officers will be tried for Crimes of Genocide committed against aboriginal peoples in Canada.

We continue to hold the Government of Canada, the RCMP, and the Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches of Canada, and their officers, directly and personally liable and responsible for the deaths and disappearances of more than 50,000 of our children and relatives in their Indian Residential Schools, as well as for all of the tortures, suffering, pain and loss endured by the survivors of those schools and their descendents.

This individual and collective liability for Genocide has not been diminished or resolved in any way by the billions of dollars of bribe and hush money now being offered by the Government of Canada to aboriginal people.

Before the world, we call upon these criminal organizations of Canadian Church and State to publicly disclose the cause of death and location of the physical remains of all of the children and others who died in Indian residential schools and hospitals across Canada.

We also issue a call to all of our people to refuse the government's money and help us bring these perpetrators of mass murder to international justice, by joining in the non-violent civil disobedience actions against these criminal Churches and Government which will commence across Canada in the new year of 2006.

Issued this 26th Day of November, 2005 on Occupied and Unceded Coast Salish Territory, Turtle Island (“Vancouver, British Columbia”)

Signed, on behalf of the Council of Elders of The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada,

Louis Daniels / Whispers Wind
Elder of the Anishinabe Nation
Wilfred Price Elder of the Haida Nation

Kevin D. Annett / Eagle Strong Voice

Secretary, Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada

For more information contact the Commission at 1-888-265-1007 or at: or see its website at:

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Blogger xgeraet said...

You're all still bloody here, are you not? Wasn't much of a genocide.
Look. Move fucking on. DINA is already soaking up too much of our budget to prop up indiginous organized crime and corrupt tribal goverment, accompanied to the melody ' The goverment does not do enough' and ' Make the white man pay'
The past is done. Yeah, its too fucking bad what happened. I did not do it. Why am I being made to pay for the excesses of people now, for the most part, old and dead. Great grandmother was full blood Cree, from Medow Lake. Proud and fierce. But the grasping,greed motivated liberal-appologist agenda leaves me ashamed to have any 'aboriginie' blood. I consider my self a CANADIAN first and foremost. A boat load of scurvy ridden, syphilitic, seasick Europeans showed up one day and kicked your sorry asses. They were outnumbered hundreds to one, and you still lost. I suppose you just didn't want it that badly. Rematch? Any time, baby!
We are all in trouble now. As a Species. Quit fucking whingeing about what you're not getting out of the state, grow up, and start worring about the future of the Species. Whitey is holding us all down. And we are all in grave danger. This bullshit is not helping.
An 'Off-White Suprematist' -though I would consider my self a SECULAR HUMANIST. EM Barnes. Langley frickin BC.

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I am pleased and proud to carry this blog:GENOCIDE IN CANADA as a "feed" to mine:XLOWRIDER TIMES PANCHO VILLA. The topic[s] which you engage need more attention, discusssion, and action. The very cynical previous poster needs badly to get his politics, culture and priorities together.Good luck to you.

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